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    When I used ruby 1.9.3 to install travis, it will result an error:


    ERROR: Error installing travis:
    ffi requires Ruby version <, >= 2.2.


    But when I changed the version of ruby to 2.6.1, it will result another error:


    ERROR: While executing gem ... (OptionParser::InvalidOption)
    invalid option: --no-rdoc


    I'm confused how to install travis properly.

    Then I googled the error message, and found that changing the option to `--no-document` can resolve this problem.

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    Sorin Sbarnea

    Please correct the documentation to avoid the need for root access:

    gem install travis --user-install --no-rdoc --no-ri

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    Sorin Sbarnea

    Mainly travis linter remained unmaintained for years and reports lots of false errors:

    Warnings for .travis.yml:
    [x] unexpected key conditions, dropping
    [x] unexpected key jobs, dropping
    [x] value for addons section is empty, dropping
    [x] in addons section: unexpected key apt, dropping

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    Joe Dinius

    The online form linked to is missing or the link is broken.  So, there currently is no way to lint a .travis.yml online?  Is this correct?

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